e-Posters / lightning talks

Posters at the 8th International Barcode of Life Conference are presented digitally online, and on eight standalone kiosks at the conference venue. If your abstract has been accepted also for a lightning talk, you have a 3-minute oral presentation in addition to your e-Poster.

All corresponding/submitting authors of abstracts accepted for ePosters and lightning talks have received an e-mail with information on how to submit your ePoster. You can also access this information here: ePoster submission.

Poster submission deadline is June 6, 2019, 23:59 (CEST, Trondheim).

Please use the below guidelines when creating your poster and/or lightning presentation.

Poster layout. © Sujeevan Ratnasingham & Jessica Johannsen


e-Poster requirements

Poster Layout:

  • Submit posters as PDF files only.
  • Screen dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels (full HD, 16:9). Width 79.0 cm, height: 134.6 cm (31.1 in x 53.0 in) with 72 dpi.
  • Portrait orientation.
  • Margins should be 50 pixels.
  • Place abstract/paper ID number in top right corner of the poster. The ID number can be found in your presentation portal, or in the poster program.
  • Abstract and content: Minimum recommended font size 20 pts.
  • Maximum 2-3 figures.
  • References: Minimum recommended font size 16 pts.

e-Poster recommendations

The e-Posters will be displayed on 43 inch standalone LCD kiosks. Please consider relative height and distance of your audience to the display screen when designing your poster. Consider high-contrast coloring schemes, and avoid complicated figures and the use of red/green fonts/indicators.

Lightning talk requirements

Lightning talks are short oral “teasers” to attract people to your poster. Please keep this in mind when preparing your talk.


  • Maximum 3 minutes including questions.
  • Maximum 3 slides in 16:9 format in horizontal (landscape) orientation (ppt or pdf).
  • No animations.
  • Provide the title of your presentation on the first slide.
  • Submit your slides per email to iBOL2019@vm.ntnu.no with the subject “lightning talk slides” by June 12, 23:59 (CEST, Trondheim).

All posters (also those with accepted lightning talks) will be assigned a 10 min slot in the poster program. The poster program will run parallell to oral presentations in the afternoon. A detailed program allocating posters to sessions can be found here: Poster Program.

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