Poster session

All posters at the 8th iBOL-Conference will be in digital format only. This means that posters can be searched, viewed and marked online, and also viewed on screens at the conference venue. The iBOL-conference has partnered with ePostersLive, who will supply the software needed to successfully present your research at the conference.

There are many advantages of an electronic poster session:

  • Poster submission is easy and takes just a few seconds to minutes.
  • Authors do not need to print, carry and pin their posters on conventional boards in the conference hall.
  • All posters are searchable on-site and online before and after the event by their last name, affiliation, poster title and keywords.

For details on how to prepare and submit your poster, please see e-Posters / lightning talks.

All posters (also those with accepted lightning talks) will be assigned a 10 min slot in the poster program. The poster program will run parallell to oral presentations in the afternoon. A detailed program allocating posters to sessions can be found here: Poster Program.

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