Parallel sessions

The scientific program will run over four full days with plenaries in the mornings and parallel sessions in the afternoon. For a description of the invited speakers, please see Plenary speakers iBOL 2019. For a list of plenary speakers and titles on presentations, see Program.

Session themes for the conference are:

  • Barcode Projects, Networks and Initiatives
  • Building the Reference Library of Life, Methodological Advances
  • Mechanisms and Obligations under the Nagoya Protocol
  • aDNA and Past Communities
  • iDNA, Diet, Foodwebs and Pollination
  • Freshwater Biodiversity (includes eDNA and metabarcoding)
  • Marine Biodiversity (includes eDNA and metabarcoding)
  • Terrestrial Biodiversity (includes eDNA and metabarcoding)
  • Community Dissection by Molecular Tools: Advances in Community Analyses
  • eDNA and Metabarcoding, Technical Advances
  • Authentication of Food, Feed & Medicinal Plants
  • Wildlife Forensics and Nature Conservation (includes identification of pest-, invasive- or threatened species)
  • Biosystematics (includes taxonomy, phylogeny and classification)
  • Bridging Ecology and Evolution
  • Community Phylogenetics and Biogeography (includes analysis of community divergence & diversity, and phylogeography)

Please revisit this page for more information and a detailed program at a later stage.

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